Weekend Warriors: Re-purposed Jewelry Display

Good Morning! Happy Monday!

I have decided to start a series on here called Weekend Warriors. Basically, on Monday mornings I’ll share my weekend project with you! This is part of my efforts to be both more productive and more creative.

These projects will include things such as crafting, gardening, remodeling, etc. All 3 of which are posts that are in your future 🙂

So, this weekend I actually worked on a few things. One of them was just the start of a more massive project, so I’m saving that for next weekend, when there will hopefully be more to show for it!

This week I’m going to start with a very simple project, repurposing a silver mesh CD holder into a jewelry display.

The Finished Product

Now, these two things have been bouncing around my brain for a while, quite separately. I’ve been trying to brainstorm a new earring holder that matches my new grey/white/brushed nickel/light wood decor in my room, and I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this CD holder, as it’s the right silver color and I don’t need it for CD’s anymore.

Well, while cleaning off my dresser on Saturday, a HUUUGE lightbulb went on over my head.

Uh, hello! Mesh = Earring holder!

So I set about figuring out how to use this to it’s maximum potential.

Of course, I needed to hang/display stud earrings, dangly earrings, and necklaces, as well as some stuff that lives in boxes (buttons, small earring posts, bracelets, etc). Now the stud earrings were pretty simple. I got the mesh that I needed, built right in!

Stud Earrings

The best thing about having them on the side like that is that I have very easy front and back access. Also, it makes me smile how many of those are earrings that I made 😀 (Anyone else see a color scheme? haha)

Next came the placement of my dangly earrings. This CD holder had shelves, but instead of being flat pieces of mesh or solid, they were formed by 4 bars running across. 4 bars that were the perfect size to hold dangly earrings!

Dangly Earring Hanging Victory!

That may not seem like the idea way to store them, but it really is! I know what I have, and I can see them all for the most part, and having the open space above makes it quite simple to grab the pair that I need. I also had a few little cardboard bits from buying sets at Claire’s that I was able to use to hang smaller pairs of hook-back earrings.

Of course, that leaves us with necklaces. All that I was lacking was hooks, so I ran around the house finding things that I could make hooks out of. I thought of just taping small nails to the top, making loops of wire, but while digging around to find these things, I came across a bunch of removable wall hooks which, as it turns out, can very easily be split into two pieces:

Extract the Hook

I then ran those hooks through the mesh on top, where they stuck thanks to the T shape at the top. These turned out to be near perfect to hang my necklaces!

Necklace Hooks!

I threw the rest of the bits in some colorful nesting boxes, set them on the shelves, and TADA I have the perfect jewelry situation 😀

It fits in quite well with the shelves that I finally got around to hanging this weekend, as well.

Man, it actually looks like someone lives here now!

So, as you can see, not the most difficult project. I think the point of me sharing this was to emphasize two concepts with are very useful; organization, and recycling/reusing/repurposing.

Organization = sanity for me. I used to function well with what I liked to call “organized chaos”, but it is just so much more peaceful when you have a place for all of your things. Before this, all of that jewelry was just strewn about my dresser in various containers or their lids. Needless to say I didn’t wear much, and couldn’t use my dresser for anything else.

As for the second point, there are many reasons why repurposing is great! Not the least of which is reducing waste, of course. My favorite reason, though? I didn’t have to go out and BUY anything! I got exactly what I needed by using something that would otherwise have gotten thrown out or sat dusty in the garage for years taking up space.

Success? I think yes 🙂

Did you embark on any Weekend Warrior projects? Share them in the comments!

7 thoughts

  1. Awesome Mary-very clever!!


  2. Very nice, Little! You could probably even add hooks (somehow) to the left-facing mesh section and hang more necklaces there too (although then they are not as much on display).


  3. Mary, you are amazing!


  4. Awesome! I’ve forwarded your link to my d-in-law…


  5. I recognize those purple tear-drop earrings….the amethysts from Grandma Nehls. Feisty Broads Unite!