Bloggers Block

In case you hadn’t already noticed, haha.

I’ve been going through my daily life as usual, doing little projects here and there, making and eating food, taking pictures of things.

But for some reason none of it seems to inspire me to write about it and share it with you.

Remember last week’s post about The Art of Self-Motivation?

Well apparently blogging hasn’t quite factored into that yet 😀

I have a couple of ideas of things I might share with you in the near future:

  • Our bathroom remodel, once it’s totally done
  • More recipes! Probably some Weight Watchers recipes (oh yeah, I signed back up!)
  • Info about other blogs that I love
  • Some lofty goals I have set for myself

And some things I’m not going to make you read about, haha:

  • Ranting about ants and how much I hate them.
  • General complaining about anything!
  • No seriously, have I mentioned how much I hate ants?!

So, rest easy knowing I’m going to do my best to have new things to share with you all. The ants are not helping with getting into a routine, as they are interrupting my sleep and taking over my room (ok, a little bit of complaining). But I am starting to be more productive with work, so hopefully that will start bleeding over into other things 🙂

Thanks for your patience!

Oh, and as a reward, you should check out this comic. I probably should have included it in my last post, but here it is anyway 🙂

And if you have yet to check out the Oatmeal, please go through and read all the things. So hilarious 🙂