About Mary

Hi! I’m Mary Weise, but you can call me MaryBerry.

By day, I am a simple web designer. I commute, I have a cubicle, I play code monkey all day.

But by night, I like to make things. I cook food, I craft, I build websites.


Well, what a great question!

I make things to keep my sanity. 😀

I graduated from the University of Redlands in May of 2010, with a BS in Computer Science. I avoided a big kid job by working on campus for the summer, but in October I ended up in the corporate web design position I have now. Despite the fact that I work on websites all day, which is great, corporate life can really take its toll on you. So, I dove back in to making and blogging, out of a desperate need for a creative outlet.

Creating not only makes me happy, it also helps me find focus in the rest of my life. As I work on making a name for myself in the WordPress/Headway/Blogger/Artist circle, I am also trying to adjust to “adult life”. I have been on a weight loss journey of my own lately, have had to buy a new car, pay loans, blah blah blah. Making sure that I make time to do things that make me happy helps me make time to do the things that are a little less fun.

I also make things to make other people happy (because everyone loves cupcakes and presents).

And sometimes I make things for myself, just for fun. When the mood strikes.

I find inspiration in many many places. I read a number of creative blogs everyday, where I sometimes find recipes, or see things that I want to try to recreate. I’ll share those places with you as I go, they’re pretty awesome.

Sometimes I have an idea and scour the internet to learn how to make it happen.

Usually, I just find that creating something new, something that makes other people smile in some way, makes my stress melt away 🙂

So I built this site, to share these things with you.

Are you searching for some dinner inspiration?

How about a tasty treat to share with friends or coworkers?

Or perhaps you are looking for a custom website or blog?

Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope that you find it here. And if you don’t, let me know, and I’ll help you find it!

There’s a big internet out there, and I’m hoping to become a part of it 😀